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It’s time to focus on the positives and use this time to perform a "health check" on your business, so you can Bounce Back bigger and better!

In your business, you very rarely see a time when you close the doors for any length of time. As you are well aware, this time is now, and although this has been put upon us, the next couple of weeks is the time to put aside the feeling of uncertainty, fear of the unknown and financial stress and make really good use of your time, to perform a serious health check on your businesses.

Quite often when we open a food business, it’s all action stations, and we learn a lot as we go. We often never get the opportunity to stand back and evaluate things in the whirl wind of doing business.

Use this time wisely, and be ready to re-open with renewed enthusiasm, knowing that your business is in great shape to work more efficiently, produce greater profit and fantastic food.

Over the next few weeks I will go into more depth on the topics below, it’s time to get you thinking of the future and #Planyourbounceback

Keep your social profile high – give your customers updates, share a recipe of a customer favourite, tell them of upgrades which they will see when they come back in including new breakfast menu, new colour scheme.

Branding – Does your branding need a refresh, a new logo?

Spring Clean – Use this time to spring clean your business, touch up paint work, fix chair legs, dust the top shelves of spirit bottles, clean out the freezer!

Upgrade/renovate – although many businesses may not be able to afford to upgrade equipment or renovate their premises at this time, however, if plans were in the pipeline, this may be the perfect time to get it organised.

Update your business plan – this is definitely one of those jobs that never get done once you are running your food business.

Check the numbers – wage costs, food costs, is it time to renegotiate the rent! Spend some time on a video link to your accountant to ensure everything is up to date.

Know your staff – experience, hourly rates, casual or permanent – make a list of pros and cons, your perfect staff roster and put plans in place to implement this.

We are all on your side and will help you to open your doors in the future to loyal and excited customers, more than willing to help your business grow.


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