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Foodie Dream

Part 1

Before the Launch
After the Launch

Let's get started

Where to now

Investigating I's

Inspect | Investigate | Inform

*Increase sales and performance

*Gain the edge in the marketplace

*Have a fresh set of “eyes” come into your business

*Evaluate all aspects of your business.

Our inspections are perfect for all types of hospitality businesses including Cafes, Bars, Clubs, Hotels & Restaurants wanting to step up to the next level – both new and existing businesses.

Investigating I's

For Your Eyes Only!

About Me

I have met many people over the years who had a dream to open their own food business but didn't know where to start to make it a reality.  My passion is helping them realise they can make it happen by following a step by step process that takes them through the process, dispelling some of their doubts and highlighting the rewards that come with running their own food business. 

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